Kevin Kilburn

Chef Kevin Kilburn has been creating distinctive culinary creations for over thirty years. From catering and a family owned restaurant to several early stints in food service and restaurant operations. These seemed to determine a “first love” and something that he would eventually pursue in earnest. For a few years food and cooking assumed more of a recreational role for this chef but he always enjoyed the opportunity to get into the kitchen. His passion for food and his creative abilities seemed to be what carried him through some very stressful times in his entrepreneurial endeavors. A successful entrepreneur in several different businesses, of which all were far from the food service and hospitality sector.

Friends and family noticed that the more the stressful day Kevin had in the business world, the more intense the gourmet cuisines that he would come home and cook. “It is true, cooking was and still is very therapeutic, It allows the creative side of me to emerge. Probably one of the most enjoyable things that I could do”. Kevin is currently working on a cookbook “The Plantation Road, Fine Southern Cuisine” which is due for release in 2012. A homage to fine dining with a deep southern influence. Although his capabilities and styles as a professional chef encompass several areas, he has particular interest in finer dining cuisines ranging from classical to contemporary. Kevin is an honors graduate of the Art Institutes’ International Culinary School.