Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cook in my kitchen?
Yes, we prepare the meal in your kitchen on the day of the event. We conduct a walk-through one week earlier. We supply our own cookware. After the event, we clean your kitchen.

Do you supply the food?
We can supply the food and we prefer to do the shopping. We are well connected to procure the finest ingredients at market or below market pricing. We will provide a receipt for the food and groceries which is not included in our fees.

Who provides the wine and alcohol?
We can recommend wine pairings for every course. We will recommend wine vendors in your area, but you are responsible for the purchases.

What is the cost for your services?
We will provide an estimate based on an initial consultation with you. Pricing varies according to your menu selections and number of guests. We can provide an all inclusive price as well as just food and preparation. A final price will be provided in writing.

Do I supply wait staff?
For most events, we recommend wait staff and a site manager or head waiter for larger events.

I want to have a larger party. Do you supply catering and cooking off premise?
We can provide full service catering for any number of guests. Our services are usually much more elegant than what most caterers offer. Our menu selections are made from scratch and pre-made wholesale type items that are common with some caterers are not used. We are professional chefs in the culinary field and we believe in offering authentic and fresh menu items.

What about special dietary concerns?
We can provide delectible vegetarian and vegan menus, and handle any food allergies or special dietary requirements.

Can we host a buffet as well as sit down service?
We can create beautiful buffets for a minimum of 12 guests. Equipment and chafing dishes are provided for an additional cost.

What other services do you provide?
We would be happy to arrange any additional items you may need: flowers, special linens, glasses, flatware, and plates etc., and even entertainment if desired.